What are the BARRIRES?

  • Now a barrier can be there that you have nobody to practice with.

  • Next step how to choose classes?. Well! there are many ways to take it, and most popular are online and offline classes.

  • Thinking what’s better?

  • Let’s calculate both and find out what is beneficial.

  • Offline classes have plenty of other students, where in online there will be you and trainer.

  • In offline classes you can talk to many students, but oh no! they are students and probably will not correct your vocabulary, nor creative thinking.

  • However, online classes is with teacher and they are experts in their methods, by which you might grasp knowledge early and also correct.

  • Wow! personal classes sounds great.

  • However personal teacher can be expensive… and.. you might be wrong here, classes either offline or online, costs same.

  • Offline classes might take travelling time and allowance, but not online classes.

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