Fix your grammatical errors by correcting your grammar.

English Grammar is the core of this language and we learn grammar at school at a very early point in time when we are in the Montessori segment. English can be practiced in various ways but English grammar will always be one of the most important points. We can correct our errors only if we have the correct knowledge of grammar.               

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Perhaps English grammar confuses you?

Let us talk about how to fix English Grammar.

Keys points to remember!

  • There is a need to know the basic concepts of grammar.
  • All 8 parts of speech are important to understand.
  • Proper focus is required to understand grammar. 
  • Punctuation marks should be correct.
  • Spellings should be taken special care.
  • Practice grammar exercises
  • Memorize the rules of all grammar topics.
  • Avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Say goodbye to grammatical errors.



Know How to fix English Grammar

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Important Grammar Topics


Preposition tells us 2 things:-

  • Relation between the subject and the object in the sentence.
  • Position of the subject.

Prepositions are used before the noun or the pronoun in a sentence.


Tenses tell us about the time and action done. There are three types of tenses. 

  • Present 
  • Past
  • Future

Tenses are very important to frame correct sentences.


Conjunctions connect two words, phrases, or sentences. There are three main conjunctions.

  • Coordinating, 
  • Subordinating,
  • Correlative.

English is not only about these three grammar topics rather we need to dive deep into grammar and explore all 8 parts of speech. Also, we have to understand the core concept of English grammar. If one can use English Grammar correctly only then one will be able to speak English confidently. 

English Speaking Course is one of the options to learn its core concepts and speak English without any hesitation. O3 Online Spoken English Classes help students to understand the basic concepts in depth and can use it better.


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