FAQ - English Speaking Course
FAQ - English speaking Course


What will be the course curriculum?

Specific course curriculum for every different student in the field of spoken English: The curriculum is designed for every student as per the requirements of the student: With a special focus on Vocabulary, Grammar, and Daily translational sentences.
Fluent communication will be the concern of the trainer.

How will be the classes conducted?

Personalized classes will be conducted Online for the sake of safety for every student. Classes will be from Monday to Friday for half an hour every day at whatever time that suits you, 20 classes will be there in a month with fixed class timing, student can choose any half an hour slot from 7 am to 10 pm IST.

What is the level of training?

There will be three levels of training: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced level. A free demo will be conducted and it will be told to the students their level of proficiency then classes will be conducted according to the level of the student with specially designed courses for every individual.

What is the pattern of teaching?

Teaching patterns will be descriptive and comprehensive and also will depend upon the current level of the student. Activities will be constructed daily for the better involvement of student’s attention. An online teaching pattern will be followed as per the need for an hour.

Who will teach?

A qualified and experienced trainer will teach those who have a good command of language. Our trainers will confirm your progress every week. It means a weekly assessment will be done. The world’s best trainers will look after your growth in each area like Speaking, Writing, and Reading for your overall development.

What is the mode of payment?

Advanced Online payment mode is the only mode through which one can pay by getting in touch through a phone call or getting a link.

How can I register myself?

You can register yourself by paying the full course fee online. Only you need to do is to pay online and give us a call and get registered.

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