What are the barrier?

What are the BARRIRES?

  • What are the barriers? Now a barrier can be there that you have nobody to practice with.


  • A barrier can be, you cannot travel or you don’t know who can help you.


  • Taking a Spoken English class with O3 Online Spoken English Classes can be the best solution for you if you want to speak English Fluently.


  • The next step is how to choose classes. Well! there are many ways to take it, and the most popular are online and offline classes.


  • Thinking what’s better?


  • Let’s calculate both and find out what is beneficial.


  • Offline classes have plenty of other students, whereas online there will be you and a trainer.


  • In offline classes, you can talk to many students, but oh no! They are students and probably will not correct your vocabulary, or creative thinking.


  • However, online classes are with teachers and they are experts in their methods, by which you might grasp knowledge early and also correct.


  • Wow! Personal classes sound great. Now focus will be only on me.


  • However personal teachers can be expensive… and.. you might be wrong here, classes either offline or online, cost the same.


  • Offline classes might take traveling time and allowance, but not online classes,

What are the Barriers? There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.

what are the barriers?

Huddles in Speaking English

What are the barriers? 

This is a very important question if we want to learn a language. So there can be many hurdles or barriers like time, money. fear of being judged and may be travelling also. Here comes the option of learning a language ONLINE. It is the best option to learn a language Online where a person can save the time of traveling, and doesn’t have to face the fear of being judged. O3 Online Spoken English Classes is the institute in Delhi that provides Spoken English training online.

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